Roots Back Home (Shorts Session)

Shorts Session, Roots Back Home. All the films in this special and international selection by Iranian and diasporic filmmakers are concerned with identity. But heightened aesthetic concerns of each and every work truly show film as art.

Duration: 70:00 min

Sealed Lips (2012) Sofi Basseghi, 6:00 min

An ancient Sherhazad, now confined to a wheelchair, journeys among women in this delicate but provocative piece combining live action and animation.

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Distant Words (2011) Nassiem Valamanesh, 5:00 min

Adelaide-born Valamanesh reflects surreally on his first visit to Tehran in this live action/animation mix.

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Mosque Without Minarets (2011) Alireza Ghanie, 15:00 min

In 2009 a Swiss referendum banned the construction of minarets. But the architectural battle between crescent and cross in Europe reflected in this one take film dates back to the Ottoman Wars.

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Shadow (2012Nora Niasari,  2:00 min

The devastating Iran-Iraq War, often referred to by Iranians as “the Sacred Defense and Imposed War”, was the longest conventional war of the twentieth century. This animation shows its long lasting impact on civilians.

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Saffron Tea (2008) Bahar Bahebanani, 13:00 min

Saffron Tea uses dreamy and ethereal scenes of a serene domestic space to explore both personal and cultural history. Beautifully filmed, evocative and simply lovely.

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Stone Canvases (2009) Mehdi Asadi, 13:00 min

The ancient petroglyphs and myths of xxx provide the starting point for this elegant and evocative exploration of place from Pre-Islamic to the present.

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Bride Can (2011) Ronak Taher, 12:00 min

This fabulous piece of animation takes a whimsical look at the nerve-wracking process of being a bride, any bride, and adds a special Persian flavor.

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