Nessa (Nessa) - 2011

Director, Loghman  Khaledi, returns to his hometown in this pair of documentaries to tell the stories of two outsiders, people who want to be artists, seemingly impossible in the provincial town of Kermanshah. Nessa longs to be an actress but as a woman she should be accepting one of the many marriage proposals she rejects. Nessa is a young woman from Kermanshaha (Kurdish city in west of Iran) who is challenging to progress in her acting and artistic career. But because of the conservative environment, her family prevents her from reaching her goal. The film in the cinema verite style follows Nessa in her battle with her brother, father and colleagues.

Director: Loghman Khaledi

Producer: Katayoon Shahabi

Writer: Loghman Khaledi

Screening time: 52 minutes

Print Source: SMI

Year: 2011

Language: Farsi with English subtitles