The Paternal House (Khanéh Pedari) - 2012

Nearly a century ago a young woman is killed by her own father, with the aid of her younger brother. How she has shamed the family is not made explicit, but the males all agree that to save their honour she must die. Her mother and sister do not know what to make of her disappearance. She is secretly buried in the cellar, a space where the women of the family weave carpets and do other domestic chores. But her loss, or perhaps her presence, continues to haunt the family, reverberating through the following generations. Although the film screened at Fajr and in Venice in 2012, only now has it received an official screening permit.

Director: Kianoush Ayari

Producer: Ali Solteni, Shahrokh Dastoortabar, Kianoush Ayari

Writer: Kianoush Ayari

Cast: Mehdi Hashemi, Shahab Hosseini, Mehran Rajabi, Nasser Hashemi, Nazanin Farahani, Mina Sadati, Massoumeh Bafandeh 

Screening time: 97 minutes

Print Source: Iranian Independent 

Language: Farsi with English Subtitles

Year: 2012

Screenings and Awards:

  • Best film, Best Director, Best Screenplay 8th Iranian Film Critics and Screenwriters Guild Celebration 2014 
  • The Paternal House was shown in Venice Film Festival in 2012 but it was banned for two years and just got a permit for screening at Fajr Film Festival in 2014. Then, it was shown at Edinburgh Film Festival.