Fish & Cat (Mahi Va Gorbeh) - 2014

A number of students have travelled to the Caspian region in order to participate in a kite-flying event during the winter solstice. Next to their camp is a small hut occupied by three cooks who work at a nearby restaurant. The cooks are looking for some meat to cook and there is no one around other than the young students. The film is based on a true story about a restaurant that served minced human flesh for food. An innovative and technically impressive film, shot in a single take and a new way to approach time and space in storytelling.

Director: Shahram Mokri  

Producer: Sepehr Seifi 

Writer: Shahram Mokri 

Cast: Babak Karimi, Saeid Ebrahimifar, Siyavash Cheraghi Pour, Mohammad Berahmani, Faraz Modiri, Abed Abest, Arnavaz Safari, Pedram Shafiri

Language: Farsi with English subtitles

Print Source: Iranian Independents 

Screening time: 134 minutes 

Year: 2014

Screenings and Awards:

  • NETPAC Award (2014)
  • Premiered at Venice Film Festival 2013
  • Won awards at 28th Fribourg International Film Festival
  • Shortlisted for APSA awards in 2013
  • Special jury award 8th Iranian Film Critics and Screenwriters Guild Celebration 2014
  • Winner of the Special Orizzonti Award for Innovative Content at Venice Film Festival
  • Winner of Best Film at the Dubai International Film Festival
  • Winner of Best Film at the Lisbon and Estoril Film Festival.