Hopeful news from one of our Iranian industry colleagues

Last week we received some hopeful news from one of our Iranian industry colleagues:

"And as for cinema, yes, as soon as Dr. Hojatollah Ayoubi has been appointed as the new President of Iran's Cinema Organisation, some waves of hopes and happiness are seen among Iranian cinema people. Re-opening the KHANEH CINEMA (House of Cinema) was the first he did and then he's appointing his new directors for different film institutes and according to his interviews and speeches, he's going to shift many responsibilities of state bodies to private sector, trust the film industry people, and he also does believe in presence of Iranian cinema at international festivals/events. He's been an Iranian cultural attaché at the Iranian embassy in Paris for many years and he's studied in France and he's very open-minded. We are very hopeful for the future of our cinema as we are for future of our country because of President Rohani."